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Be part of natural change


Because we believe in a better tomorrow

At Atus, we take responsibility for the human impact on the planet, making efforts to become a leader in the production of professional construction products. We prove that production can be resource-efficient, conscious and harmless to the environment. You too can support these ideas by buying products made from 100% recycled HDPE. Join the natural change. Let’s reduce the carbon footprint and environmental waste together!

25 000 tons
of HDPE waste recycled each year at our plant
8000 trucks
of packaging waste we bring back from the market to make professional construction products
3000 trucks
professional construction products made from processed waste per year

What can we do about it?

Atus helps build public awareness and contribute to a change for the better, reducing the amount of waste, using safe, recycled materials and reducing the carbon footprint and pollution. We show that a different kind of production is possible without compromising on quality.

We believe that concrete action is better than noble declarations alone. We are not afraid of challenges. We encourage all our partners and customers to adopt the same approach. We can do more by working together.


Recycled means better

The recycled products of Atus meet the requirements for professional construction products. A product made from recycled resources is just as strong and reliable as components made from the original material. However, it is produced sustainably, according to the sustainable production goal of the UN.



Atus products are sustainable because they are made of materials that do not harm the planet. By choosing our brand, you are making a step towards sustainable construction.

Chemically safe

Chemically safe

They protect the soil against chemical pollution and the penetration of hazardous substances into the environment.

Based on the circular model

Based on the circular model

By using recycled materials, we support the circular economy and maximise the use of recyclable materials.



We make an active contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Waste reduction reduces CO2 emissions – 1 kg of recycled plastic equals 2 kg CO2 less in the atmosphere.

Building a sustainable future

We make plastic film, geomembranes, pipes and green roofs because we recognise that the future of the construction industry will be based on buildings and structures that are in harmony with nature and are made from reusable materials. We are a part of that vision. Our smart technologies are based not only on noble intentions but also on specific process assumptions and R&D work. They help our customers build projects that increase the size of green areas in the city.


Clean production and transparent operations

We adopt a responsible approach to our production processes, making sure not to generate waste. We are transparent, promoting a fair approach both in business and life. We remember that clean production is one of the components of the EU objectives concerning the so-called green economy.


Processing materials with future generations in mind

We are the biggest recycler of HDPE packaging in Poland, providing readymade solutions for the construction industry. We collect man-made waste from all over the EU, also from your district, and give it a new life so it can be used to build a safe home for future generations. We act locally to drive a global change.


We care about every part of the process

Our business model is based on comprehensive activities, from the collection of HDPE resources through careful selection, processing and storage to packing. Thus, we are fully responsible for what we make and how we make it. The sustainability and quality of our products are guaranteed by the continuous monitoring and control of the entire process.

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