Group 1436

Be part of a natural change


We are the largest HDPE packaging recycler manufacturing specialized construction materials in Poland

Our business was established in 2003, and we have been continuously growing since then, improving our processes, introducing innovative solutions and earning the trust of new customers.


Our partners include the largest construction companies in Europe, Scandinavia and selected CIS markets

The customers trust us because we understand how the construction industry works. Our processes and methods are designed to ensure uninterrupted supply, continuous compliance with our contractual obligations, and convenience of work under difficult conditions. That is precisely why we choose to rely on proven our own suppliers, qualified staff, professional machinery and excellent customer service. It is thanks of them that your order always arrives on time and to the right place, giving you a product with reproducible quality and durability – something that every construction project needs.


To always be the quality leader in recycled specialised construction products

Our values

Our values are at the core of the uncompromising quality of our recycled products

Responsibility for the environment and for the product

We adapt our production methods to the needs of consumers, customers and the environment. We are focused on bringing about an actual change, with technologies that help shape public awareness, and reduce waste and pollution. By purchasing our products, you become part of a movement that relies on specific solutions. A movement that understands that the environment needs more than lofty words – it also requires practical action. We will not remove plastic from the environment overnight. However, instead of generating more waste, we can make useful products that bring new value to society.


Confidence and reliability through full process control

We are present at every stage of production and manage every aspect of the process – from the collection of the HDPE material through selection, processing and storage to packing. The result? We make products with reproducible specifications and strength that stand out from the competition. There is no room for compromise when it comes to quality!


Innovation and openness to the needs of the market

We are not afraid of implementing new solutions and taking a different approach to the competition. We are trailblazers, looking for product niches and game-changing technologies. We can do this thanks to our cutting-edge machinery, professional staff and advanced R&D department. Our research is based on a wide range of Polish and European standards – strictly adhering to them, using devices subject to appropriate legalisation and calibration.


Agility in processes and operations

We are dynamic and proactive, enhancing our processes and eliminating risks. We never stop, but it is not our way to work in a hurry. We listen carefully to the market to find out more about our customers and their needs because they are the ones who suggest the appropriate solutions we should use, letting us adapt our approach where necessary. We are flexible and adapt to the situation to meet the expectations of the ever-evolving business environment.


The team of experts you can trust

We obviously need refined processes and advanced technology. However, it is the people and their character that actually make it work. They are the ones who help us reach greater heights. They inspire us to reflect and change. It is thanks of them that we can offer a professional service and competent advice at every stage of the ordering process, as well as direct contact with a person who genuinely understands your needs. This lets us build long-lasting relationships that continue long after the first order is delivered.

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