100% recycled sustainable material

To reduce the negative environmental impact, we only make our products from materials that have already been used. Our membranes are made only of recycled material, and the entire production process takes place according to the principles of the circular economy. By purchasing our products, you become a part of the natural revolution aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and environmental waste, making tangible efforts to protect our planet.

Atus BADGER aeration and irrigation system

A system for aeration and irrigation of the tree root ball. The set consists of the Atus BADGER 75 aeration pipe (25 m), 5 T-connectors and 5 aeration grids.

Atus BEAR anti-root geomembrane – pedestrian and vehicle traffic

A thick film made of extruded polyethylene high-density (PEHD), designed for protection against the penetration and overgrowth of plant roots in green roof structures, root balls of trees and similar plantings.

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